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Global Leaders in Sports Meet to Tackle Corruption


In December 06, 2018, numerous government ministers, professional athletes,and leaders of international sports organizations gathered in London. They established a worldwide allegiance to eradicate corruption in sports after a string of anomalies like subornation, fraud, doping and illegal gambling. In this assembly, representatives at the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sport (IPACS) tackled ways to fight corruption in procurement methods and to handle conflict of interests in presenting awards for major sporting events.

Jeremy Wright who is the secretary of state for the UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said that this gathering was an essential step in the ongoing battle to eradicate corruption in sport. He also added that fans and athletes should not be worried about contracts not reasonably awarded, events granted to the strongest bidder,and the utmost standards of governance not maintained.

Gabriella Battaini Dragoni also expressed that the used of clubs as shell companies, illegal betting, conflict of interest, bad governance, match fixing,and having insider information are all to be tackledby the Council of Europe with the Macolin Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competition. They’re also to beapproved by the UK Minister of Sport along with Greco which is the Council of Europe anti-corruption body. The deputy secretary general of the Council of Europe added that they are ready to expand further a comprehensive co-operation framework with states and other international stakeholders to be set at the service of our IPACS associates.  When it comes to corruption in sport, there should be an adjustment of gear. International organizations, national governments and sporting bodies must be able to establish their capability to handle this problem in a spirit of harmony, determination,and efficiency. IPACS was created specifically for this purpose and together, they will face all the challengeshead on. 

The IPACS core group consists of the United Kingdom Government, IOC, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC),and Council of Europe. The objective is to unite governments, international sports organizations and significant stakeholders to undertake corruption and boost a culture of good governance in any sport. It was established at the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC), a meeting for sports integrity in February 2017. President of IOC, Thomas Bach said that integrity required credibility,and corruption jeopardized that very credibility of sports organization as well as tournaments. Also, he expressed that IOC could not win this crusade alone without the support of the governments in terms of anti-corruption legislation and law enforcement.  

This three-day summit was organized by IPACS’s core group. Delegates from various sporting organizations around the world also joined this event such as the British Olympic Association, Commonwealth Games Federation, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Interpol. This meeting represents the solidification of the international commitment to defend sport from the destructive effects of corruption.The next meeting of IPACS will happen by mid-2019 with the purpose of deliberating possible new concentration aspects for the partnership and reporting on the development attained since the 2018 High Level happening.


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