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Trump agrees to close his charity despite the accusations that he used it for political and personal benefit


Barbara Underwood, a New York Attorney General, has announced last Tuesday that President Trump made a concord to stop his personal charity and to donate his remaining money despite the accusations that he used such charity for his political and personal benefit. Underwood also added that President Trump’s Foundation, Donald J. Trump Foundation is closing as her office carries out its lawsuit against Trump, his three eldest children, and the charity. 

The suit which was filed in Junedeclared “persistently illegal conduct” at the said foundation, which started in 1987. Underwood is seeking continuously an amount of $2.8 million and more in restitution and has requested a judge to prohibit temporarily the Trumps from serving on other New York nonprofit organizations’ boards. Last Tuesday, Underwood also said that she found a pattern of illegality that involves the Trump Foundation in her investigation. This includes unlawfulcoordination with Trump’s presidential campaign, willful and repeated self-dealing, and more. 

The shutting down of such charity happens after documentation about apparent lapses at the foundation was made by The Washington Post. Trump uses the money of the charity to pay some legal settlements for his personal business, to make an invalid political donation, and to buy artfor one of his clubs. Trump denied the allegations and claimed that the foundation hasn’tdone anything wrong. In the year 2016, he also said that he wanted to close the charity before he became the president to prevent any appearance of conflicts of interest. But Attorney General Underwood obstructed such move while continuing the investigation. The settlement with the office of Underwood corresponds an agreement by Trump to a certain state inquiry he has denounced as a partisan attack. This case is one of the many legal investigations of the Trump organizations that have grown during his presidency. 

Underwood said, in a court filing in New York, that the remaining $1.75 million of the foundation will be donated to other charities which were approved by a state judge and her office. A statement criticizing Barbara Underwood was issued by the attorney of the Trump Foundation, Alan Futerfas, saying that Underwood was “politicizing” the agreement. Futerfas said that the Foundation has been planning to close and distribute its remaining assets to some charitable causes since the victory of Donald J. Trump in the Presidential election in 2016. He also added that the NYAG prevented such dissolution for two years depriving those charitieswho are most in need of the money of the foundation. 

Futerfas also added that over the life of the foundation, about $19 million was given away including the $8.25 million donated by Donald Trump himself. The remaining amount of the money was donated by Vince and Linda McMahon. Later on, Trump chose Linda McMahon to be the head of a Small Business Administration. 

Amy Spitalnick, Underwood’s spokeswoman, said that as part of the agreement with the office of the attorney general, the charity foundation should sell their remaining assets and the proceeds will be donated. The suit of the attorney general says that Trump used the money of his charity as his own piggy bank.


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