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China accused by the US for enabling corruption and undermining national sovereignty in Latin America


A senior US diplomat, Kimberly Breier, suspects and charges allegations against China. This accusation triggered a wave of changes and mistrust in Latin America.

She expressed her views, being the assistant secretary of the US State Department of Western Affairs, that China is not living up to America’s expectations for its standards regarding transparency in institutions and steps to halt corruption among all ranks.

However, she explained that China was able to uphold its reputation internationally.

She was speaking after the Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing recently, where China arose to the table and addressed its concerns that the contributing people were put to the risk of dwindling into some kind of debt deception.

China’s President, Xi, on the other hand, gave his word during the forum that the infrastructures would be done according to universally recognized rules and standards finding its best applications.

In a statement, President Xi told that people must stick to the concept of honesty, innocence, and cleanliness.

Even though Latin America is out of bounds of the main Terrestrial area covered by this Belt and Road project, governments in the region have stated their interests in the scheme, including Chilean President Sebastián Pinera, who appeared in this setting held in Beijing. While Panama’s President, Juan Carlos, told during his visit at the start of May that he saw big prospects in this enterprise.

Out of all those who participated, the US did not even direct a top representative to a setting much esteemed by those who appeared. Concerns have been raised by the US regarding the increasing Chinese investments and stimulus in the region.

Breier, in her press statement, told that China’s government and its Firms have been found out to be involved in such behavior within the hemisphere, which destabilizes the rule and national safekeeping of the US and its autonomous partners everywhere in Americas.

She ruled out the Coca Codo Sinclair dam, which is believed to be a Hydroelectric project funded by a loan taken from Chinese Import-Export Bank. The loan amounts to $1.7 billion with interests of $125 million per year, reference from the New York Times published this December.

Briere’s accusations also included that China is potentially compromising other countries’ data integrity – which comes into play by the recent discovery of a Chinese Tech Giant Huawei, whose mobile devices sent data to its servers without consent or permission from the users. This also heightened US concerns about Chinese activities around the globe, especially in America. In summary, the US is afraid that the large part of the global digital universe might be potentially in control of an organized government which raises questions to social security of all sovereign nations.


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