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Italian Football Teams Suspected of Tax Evasion and Money Laundering


Several football teams in Italy were put under investigation due to alleged acts of money laundering and tax evasion by the team members and those associated with the team. Approximately 40 football clubs were put under investigation with the Italian police performing raids in their respective headquarters.

The report also mentioned that the police confiscated documents on transactions of the players, the agents, and the team managers. These documents include transfer receipts as well as contracts that bind and prove their transactions. This was done in order to investigate a large amount of cash that could have been hidden away from tax authorities. The police are currently investigating the transactions made by about 50 players that come from well-known Italian football clubs. A search warrant was given to the police by the Naples Court to investigate these players’ records as well as the records of various Italian football clubs’ agents.

As per the account of prosecutors of Naples court, the authorities were looking at the documentation of all of Italy’s Serie A clubs including three well-known ones namely Roma, Lazio, and Juventus. All three were the champions of last season’s league.

Naples court mentioned that these teams were allegedly involved in a “systematic issuing of inexistent invoices” which was done in order to evade taxes. So far, Juventus has not responded to any of the charges hurled at them while Lazio and Roma did not leave any comment regarding the investigation.

Along with the money laundering crackdown, the authorities have also brought up possible cases of an organized crime syndicate working with European football games being fixed by match fixers. The Europol was able to uncover some syndicates that were linked to match fixing cases during the UEFA Champions League as well as the World Cup.

Due to these incidents, the body Transparency International teamed up with various European football associations to educate the people involved in football about the possible consequences of match fixing and how it would lead to possible jail time. This is done to target both the players and the coaches so that they can become aware of how match fixing harms them and the very nature of the game. This cooperative was launched back in March and is still underway.

Juventus and Lazio have already been investigated for match fixing back in May 2012. If they are found to be linked with tax evasion and match fixing, they will once again face the consequences like they did back in the time they were probed for match fixing. The case back in 2012 resulted in the captain of Lazio being arrested and the trainer of Juventus under tight investigation. They were only 2 of the 14 people investigated during this event.

So far, the authorities have not given any more details other than what was mentioned above. The investigation is still ongoing.


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