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Jennifer Lawrence Sets Out to Solve Corruption Problem in America

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A small act of rebellion was all it took to create Katniss Everdeen, a character on The Hunger Games, a hero in the land of Panem. Back to real life, it was only last Wednesday that Jennifer Lawrence launched another small act of rebellion. This time around, it was not triggered by a revolution against a tyrannical regime, but it was directed towards the current corruption in America.

In her new short film, Jennifer Lawrence expressed that the major problem facing America is that it is a corrupt system where the people have no influence on the choices made by the government. The short film was developed by a grass roots production company called Represent Us. It is an anti-corruption company where Jennifer Lawrence is a board member. The film is about how people need to step up their role since America is institutionally a corrupt nation. It is through the citizens of the country that the “broken democracy” can be restored in America.

Jennifer Lawrence explains that through cracking down overhaul lobbying, political bribery, and developing ethic laws, the public can be able to stop the politicians from being bribed with jobs that have a higher pay or taking bribes from cartels for favors. The director and chairman of Represent us believes that the Congress has the ability to pass new laws that will reduce the amount of power that the politicians have and transfer it to the public so that they can be empowered. The less power the politicians have, the fewer bribes they will take.

The film quotes a study done by Bloomberg on American History where their federal freedom was achieved by passing state laws. Issues such as same-sex marriage, gender bias, and women suffering are highlighted as examples where state laws helped at the federal level. The people during that time stirred up campaigns that involved the entire country. This led to developed state laws that lead to federal laws.

In America, if a grass root campaign reaches maturity, there is a rush in the state activity and ultimately a federal law is passed. This is the strategy that Represent Us, together with Jennifer Lawrence, are going to use. Jennifer Lawrence and Represent Us have developed a proposal titled “America Anti-Corruption Act”. The two have claims saying that the proposal already has the support of 87 % of the American citizen. This percentage includes 91 % and 83 % of Republicans. In this proposed act, there will be new laws that will reduce gerrymandering, overhaul lobbying, and promote ethics laws. The people will have power over some of the choices that the politicians make. It is through this new proposal that government spending budget will be made more transparent to the public. In a recent speech, Jennifer Lawrence urged all Americans to support the act. This proposal is said to bring progressives and conservatives together so that united they are able to defeat Corruption in America.


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