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Russia Anti-Corruption Activist Beaten to Death


A Russian anti-corruption organization branch leader, Dmitry Gribov, has been attacked and killed by masked assailants outside of Moscow on Monday, February 10, 2019.

Unknown assailants wearing face masks were seen carrying metal rods and attacked Gribov, who was just about to go home from a hospital visit. He had been rushed to the hospital but had died several hours later. It was his colleagues from the Center for Countering Corruption in Government that had confirmed the victim as Gribov. They have been praising him for his passion for opposing the government’s corruption activities. They have said that he was a principled and honest man and that they have condemned those who killed him. However, they have added that the indifferent and the inaction of those who were part of this issue have made contributions to his death. They have also made the point of airing out to the government and the Russian communities that Gribov’s death should be a wake-up call to take action against the undying issue of graft and corruption in the Russian government.

The investigation had been going on about his death. However, no motive for the attack has been discovered yet. The organization’s branch chief had speculated that his death has something to do with his activities in opposing corruption in the Russian government. Viktor Kostromin, the organization’s chairman, had revealed that this has not been the first time this had happened to Gribov. There was also an incident that he was beaten up by unknown assailants and had his car burned up. Also, he had come from a court hearing about this to the police who had made no action regarding his case. There had been no verdict released yet for this case but, with Gribov’s death, there could be a possibility that politicians who had practiced corruption while in office would do anything to stop those who were exposing their ulterior motives and their shady transactions in the government.

Agora, the human rights organization, supported and operated by more than fifty lawyers, have reminded the public that such cases, like Gribov’s, have continually risen up since 2015. The attacks involve journalists, politicians, and civil activists who were against corruption in the government. They have also reiterated that this issue has become normal in the country and that there was no action done for it. They have registered more than two hundred attacks since September of 2014 up to the middle of 2018. There were 21 cases of attacks and threats noted in 2015, 35 in 2016, and 77 in 2017. Eighty cases of attacks or threats of those who led the anti-corruption movement have been tallied up in 2018. Many more anti-corruption organizations have been scrutinized, or left to be assailed by paid assailants, or being questioned for shadier transactions. However, these organizations have proven themselves stronger since the first cases of assaults on their anti-corruption movements in 2015. They would want to ensure that they exercise their right to keep the government in check and the dignity of everyone in Russia respected through disembodying the practices of corruption in the government.


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