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75 Kenyan Tax Officials Arrested on Suspicion of Corruption


Kenyan government officials have been struggling lately to find a reliable and consistent source of income for the unitary budget of the system. This has adversely affected their country’s economic state.

As many have pointed out, one of the major reasons for this downfall is the deep-rooted corruption in the country’s official system which has plagued the country’s progress since more than a decade now.

What has happened?

In an effort to root out the deep corruption in the Kenyan system, seventy-five Kenyan tax agency staff were arrested by the police authorities. They were charged with aiding and abetting tax evasion for more than a decade and taking multiple bribes in the process.

The government said that consistent efforts were being made since the last 4 months by law enforcement agencies in order to track down the source of money and communication through which the tax evasion was happening.

Even though they refused to declare an amount which was lost due to these illicit activities, the strict move comes in as the government is trying harder to raise revenue generated through tax in the country. Although the damage done by these officials is irreplaceable, the move will act as a message to those who think they can get away through such activities.

What are the charges?

In an investigation that has been going on for months now, the officials kept a close eye on the officials who were working with the domestic tax department as well as the customs and border control department.

They found out that many of the officials had been involved in the unlawful clearing of cargo and altering their tax returns in order to reduce their taxes towards this state. They did this in order to receive bribes and fill up their pockets instead of the government treasuries.

A streamlined effort was placed by the national law enforcement agencies to trail the money that was being lost as revenue in such deals. After months of communication between agencies, they rounded up these 75 officials and placed the charges as found on each one of them.

Why the change in the system?

While the country has been struggling with corruption since a long time now, the new government has finally got cracking down on the tax evaders and corrupt officers in order to revive the country’s dropping economy.

Scores of government officials, as well as businessmen, have appeared in the National court on alleged charges of corruption and disrupting the government’s revenue since May last year.

This drive comes in the wake of the new Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, who promised to rid the country of officials, who were involved in corruption.

Standing tall on his promises, he has always been in the news for his failure to pursuit top-level officials who have been involved in such activities. While he has managed to crack down on low level and non-relevant employees, there have been very few actual convictions since he stepped in the shoes of the President.


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