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Armenian Foreign Minister Stresses The Need To Wipe Out Corruption From Pace


The Armenian Foreign Minister delivered a speech on May 17th. This was during the 129th session of the committee of ministers of the Council of Europe.

He said that the selective approach used, especially in international law, is unfair and to an extent that it undermines democracy. He stressed that the Council of Europe should not be considered as a security organization, and all security issues are supposed to be addressed in a human right perspective. According to him, the idea of democratic security is undermined when the European Union uses a selective approach to the principles of international law at the expense of equal human rights and the self-determination of people.

He went ahead and stressed that there is no need to have any grey zones: it is not against public international law to build schools, hospitals, roads or, site children in conflict areas.

The Armenian Foreign Minister termed the phrase grey zone completely wrong, a phrase that should not be used. He stated that the commissioner for human rights should not be limited in his duty to deliver equal protection to all peoples. It is not right to selectively apply human rights, human dignity, and human protection.

He expressed his wish for the abolishment and condemnation of denigration of people suffering from conflicts and that their dignity should be preserved and all heinous crimes need to be punished without favor. He added that the European institutions should be resolute on how they handle perpetrators and victims in conflict areas.

Earlier on April 24th, the president of Turkey seemed to have justified the Armenian Genocide in a statement. He said that the victims of the genocide were Armenian gangs and that their relocation along with their supporters was the most, and only rational action against them.

The statement did not rub well with the Armenian FM who symbolized it as a perturbing warning sign to all individuals, organizations, and countries who are committed to preventing any form of mass atrocities.

The Armenian FM also expressed his concern for the alternative to democracy, which he termed are catastrophic. He said that there is a need to remind the union about the alternatives of a democratic Europe society which is, in most cases, terrible. It would not be wise to take the democratic European space for granted, and it is important that the European countries, together with their collective European institutions, have consistent reinforcement.

Armenian FM finished his speech with a powerful message towards the European Parliament. He said that there is no member state or any society that should be excluded from equal rights and equal treatment. His concern was also the demand for the Council of Europe, which is in an all-time high and requested that all the statutory bodies of the council should be reinforced to cater to the increasing demands.

To close his speech, the Armenian Foreign Minister noted the urgent need to clean the Parliamentary Assembly off corruption completely.


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