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Former President of Brazil Arrested Again


Former Brazil president, Michel Temer, has been arrested for being involved in a huge corruption scheme.

This isn’t the first time for the former president to be jailed. He already has a record of being arrested prior to this one, which happened in March of this year and wherein he faced ten accusations. Half of those accusations were thrown at him during his presidency, while the other half had sprung right after he left the office. It was announced then by the Prosecutor’s Office that the former president was apprehended for being alleged as the leader of a criminal organization that accepted bribes for work contracts. He was, however, released just after five days after they filed for an appeal, with the judge dismissing him as a low risk in the ongoing investigation.

For this second arrest, 78-year-old Temer was taken to the federal police’s headquarters located in Sao Paulo. Having said that, where he’d stay the night was undisclosed and depended on a judge in Brazil. It was on a Wednesday night when the judge released an order to have the former president taken back to jail and spend time there while the investigation on alleged corruption, which is related with the Car Wash investigation, is ongoing. The Car Wash investigation is the extensive investigation that has taken the biggest South American country by storm.

This Car Wash probe was started in 2014, and it has unmasked complicated and intricate corruption schemes of money cuts and money laundering by the high-ranking people of power. A good example is another former Brazil president, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, who is now serving eight years and ten months for corruption.

Prosecutors released some details regarding the arrest of Temer. According to them, Engevix, a construction company, bribed Temer to give them a contract in order to put up a nuclear power plant in Angra dos Reis, which is located in the south of Rio de Janeiro.  In a plea bargain testimony, the Engevix executive stated that $300,000 was paid in 2014. The bribe was given to a company owned by an associate of Temer –  a close associate – Joao Baptista Lima Filho. Lima Filho was also issued an arrest warrant.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Carnelos, former president  Temer’s lawyer, expressed his disappointment while he criticized the decision of the court regarding Temer’s freedom. He said that the detention of Temer is unjust and was done with “no foundations.” The former president is staunchly denying all allegations. He repeatedly denies any wrongdoing being attached to his name, while his lawyer files an appeal once again to the court against the order issued to Temer.

It can be remembered that during Temer’s reign that started in 2016, his administration was infamous for corruption allegations, even having prosecutors charge him on three different occasions. He was able to remain in power and out of prison because of the immunity that every Brazil’s current president has, which Congress’s lower house never lifted. Temer only got susceptible to arrest after he left the seat on the first of January.


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