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The Most Corrupt Countries in the World in 2019

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These days, tourists must always be cautious of any possible threats when traveling such as kidnapping and extortion in the countries they’re vacationing in. With the corruption they’re facing, these nations can cause serious concerns in tourism, public safety, global trade, and democracy. With affordable flights and globalization, people can easily visit one place to another. However, with this advancement, various countries have their ways to exploit in this situation. For instance, accommodations rates have been deceitfully increased, or in some places, where police extortion is rampant.

With all the corruption happening, the Risk Advisory Group, an independent global risk management consultancy, released a report to expose the current most and least corrupt countries across the globe. There are certain factors considered before arriving with the list; these are how media publishers can be biased with their news reporting – how a company’s capability to recognize somebody it’s transacting with when news are publicized and how eager the victims of bribery tell the complete details of their experiences.

The Risk Advisory Group said that the results of their investigation might be shocking. For example, most people would say yes that India has a widespread issue about corruption, but it is also one of the countries that allow more transparency to investigate in. The company added that in some European nations, which are already with strict confidentiality laws, there is an increase of both getting and sharing information due to the newly establish of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The chief of business intelligence and investigations for the Risk Advisory Group, Chris Rowley, expressed that the laws to fight corruption are only as powerful as the people and agencies assigned to impose them.

2019 Most Corrupt Countries

  1. Turkmenistan
  2. Libya
  3. Somalia
  4. Yemen
  5. North Korea
  6. South Sudan
  7. Syria
  8. Democratic Republic of Congo
  9. Eritrea
  10. Laos

The head of business intelligence for the Middle East and North Africa, Hannah Poppy, think that the biggest problems aren’t resolved even though there were major campaigns of anti-corruption done throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Eric Wheeler, head of business intelligence for Latin America, expressed that corruption in the region stayed the same as last year, so the future of countries like Venezuela remained to be determined by the endemic corruption and cronyism. On the other hand, Brendan McGloin, the regional head of business intelligence for Asia, uttered that corruption is still common among countries with growing economy except for Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

Thomas Smith, head of business intelligence for North America, said that US and Canada are still countries with the least corruption. Minimal corruptions occurred in the construction and real estate sectors. In addition, Europe’s head of business intelligence, Ariana Issa, announced that the intention to totally eliminate the corruption displayed this year after a company was prosecuted for the involvement in bribery under section 7 of the UK Bribery Act 2010. While Dmitry Sachkov, head of business intelligence for Russi, stated that there are encouraging improvements in the regulation and enforcement against corruption.

2019 Least Corrupt Countries

  1. New Zealand
  2. Australia
  3. UK
  4. France
  5. Singapore
  6. Latvia
  7. Czech Republic
  8. Estonia
  9. Ireland
  10. Hong Kong


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