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Corruption as the Tie that Binds Trump-Era Republicans


Recently, there seems to be a miracle happening – Senate Republicans are actually now opposing President Trump. Though they are still going against the president cautiously, when it comes to things that matter, they actually have a spine now, giving them that new sense of power as a group.

The Senate Republicans are now actually objecting to the appointment of Stephen Moore and Herman Cain to take a seat on the Federal Reserve. Their objection is so strong as these men lack qualifications, and they even have a handful of scandals under their names.

The Senate Republicans were also primed so that they can stop Ken Cuccinelli to apply for the Citizenship and Immigration Services. They are against him as he’s been known to attack GOP senators. In addition, the Republicans also voted to stop arms sales in Saudi Arabia; this is because of the murder of a columnist from Washington Post. They also passed a recent disaster relief bill, funding Puerto Rico.

The GOP particularly has gone nervous after hearing Trump’s improvised threats, indicating that he will levy tariffs to Mexico. With large industries like the General Motors, an exporter of goods from Mexico to the U.S., feeling the possibility of having a pinch, the Senate Republicans threateningly stated that they will join the Democrats and do a veto-proof majority if Trump will go on with his trade war plan. However, Trump abandoned the threat. He half-heartedly declared them victorious.

This increasing readiness to weaken Trump’s policies has coincided with the Republicans becoming more and more defensive of Trump. The GOP has been doubling down on their leader as the Democrats are investigating a variety of scandals and issues enveloping his business, administration, and even personal life.

This is not a random occurrence. It, instead, shows the dynamic that will define Washington in the upcoming future. The Republicans are more than willing to oppose Trump’s wishes when they’re going to deviate from the GOP orthodoxy. However, in terms of corruption, they are going to act as a phalanx. This is also because of the upcoming election cycle, wherein their fates are tied.

This dynamic has been explained by Jonathan Bernstein. He stated that this is has been happening due to Trump’s performance as a chief executive. His decisions, especially the tariffs and appointments, were significantly edited and were even carried out without consulting stakeholders and important leaders.

In addition, to those who break from Trump, they rarely face any consequences, making Trump known as a paper tiger. While there is still a possibility of Trump reprimanding and turning on the Republicans who are opposing him, Trump rarely makes a follow up on his threats. In fact, it’s even said that his attention to this case is sporadic, making him appear inconsistent. It’s true that there was a bully pulpit at some point, especially when he first came into administration. However, right now, as what’s been observed with the Senate Republican, President Trump no longer has that power over them.


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