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State Argues Against Special Favor to Former President Zuma


The country of South Africa has been fighting against deep-rooted corruption that has plagued the foundations of the country. Since the unearthing of several cases against Former South African President Jacob Zuma, the country has been doing its best to put the guilty behind the bars. But it has been a tough fight.

The Case History

Ever since the “arms deal” of 1990 between the French Arms Company Thales and Zuma was uncovered, both the parties have been slapped with several acts of fraud and corruption committed during that time period.

However, the case was discovered in 2000, and it was not until June 2005 that the legal case started. Zuma’s financial advisor was then charged with two counts of corruption and one of fraud. While the NPA (National Prosecuting Authority) had its chance to prosecute Zuma in the same case, it refrained to do so.

With the aid of political conspiracy theories, Zuma was able to stop the charges being pressed against him by various NPA heads. However, with those theories now proved as nothing but rubbish, the NPA again has a chance to push Zuma into a corner and make sure that he pays for his crime.

What is the Current Scenario?

The defense team for Zuma and the French Arms Company Thales submitted their relevant documents in the court, citing reasons why the case should be dropped and no further investigation should be conducted against them.

The state senior advocate, Wim Tengrove, however, argued that this request was nothing more than a move by the president to delay and disrupt the proceedings of the court against him. They were using extensive measures to bend the way of justice.

Tengrove further pointed the enormous amount of public funds being diverted to the litigation and how none of his defenses has stood in higher ranks of the court. While the Judge agreed to Tengrove’s facts, he stated that Zuma was well within his rights to question the findings of the court.

What is Next Now?

The state will continue to battle against the former president as well as the French Arms Company until justice is done. But it is going to be a tough and long fight.

Tengrove appealed to the bench of judges to keep in mind the interests of those who had suffered among the public when deciding on the stay of prosecution for either of the parties. He appealed to the court to make sure that the Former President is treated just like an ordinary citizen of the country and should be brought to trial as soon as possible.

The former president submitted his documents on 20th of May, which is pending until further investigation is done on the other party involved in this deal, Thales.

This scenario is a perfect example of how power and influence can be used to bend the law in one’s favor and escape the clutches of justice. Hopefully, the guilty shall be punished soon with the court proceedings taking place.


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