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Gangs and Corrupt Government Agencies were arrested in Brazil


On August 15, 2019, there were more than 115 were arrested by the Brazilian police. The authorities suspect that they are members of different criminal thugs that are emerging in the country. The police were also saddened to discover that there are also government authorities connected to corruption, crime, and defilement. Currently, other government officials are suspended due to their involvement in crime and corruption.

The government issued approximately 300 warrants to order a search and seizure operation. The warrant gave power to the authorities to arrest these thugs and corrupt government officials in 9 states.

In Rio de Janeiro, several search and seizure operations targeted drug dealers and some military officers.

 These drug dealers and military officers are suspected to be a member of a notorious group of criminals and drug dealers known as the Pure Third Command. In addition to that, the police have arrested other individuals that are also suspected of money laundering; which are a part of the criminal group Red Command. Red Command is known to be Brazil’s oldest and largest criminal organization. The police also reported that they have confronted several suspects during the arrest.

The police have started their investigation about these crimes about 2 years ago. Within that time, they have conducted investigations about drug trafficking, money laundering that involved government agencies in the northern part of Rio. They closely monitored the activities of the suspected government officials to get tangible pieces of evidence. After a while, they have found out that some government officials are being bribed in exchange for confidential information. To make matters, worse they are also being bribed to deny a crime from happening.

Investigators were also able to subpoena phone call recordings of conversations between the gang members and the government officials. A notebook that accounts for the sum money received by the officials was also found. The notebook uncovered that officials were taking roughly R2,000 ($500.809) to R5,000($1,252)within a week. One of the arrested government officials was suspected to be a mediator between the police and criminals who negotiates the sale of weapon drugs and confidential information.

According to Col. Mauro Fliess Gaspar, the spokesman of the Rio de Janeiro Military Police, there are great and terrible experts in all callings, he is saddened that this includes his department-the military police. He also added that they will do whatever it takes to clear all the wrongdoings inside their department. There 45,000 great men in the military police and their reputation should not be tainted by few officials who lost their way.

However, in other states, investigators are generally focused on individuals from The First Capital Command, another criminal association organized by detainees for self-protection because of the brutal prison system in Brazil.

According to Examiner Gaspar de Mendonca, the goal of these investigations is to arrest the people who give financial aides to these gangs and criminal groups.

These investigations across the nation are held by the National Group on Fighting Criminal Organizations (GNCOC). This is an institution that aims to correct corruption and any wrongdoings in the state.


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