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Bolivia’s Investigation on Morales’ Corruption along with 591 Officials


As stated by the AFP, the government in Bolivia implemented investigations on almost 600 public servants from the former administration ruled by the previous president Evo Morales. The president himself was not an exemption to this. In fact, he was the main target.

The former president is now presently in Argentina. According to reports, included in this lists of officials were also vice-president Alvaro Garcia and a team of ministers, deputies, and other authorities.

The goal of the investigation was to determine the people who were behind crimes of corruption, stole public supplies, and used the people’s money for other countries. That was according to the Chief Justice Minister Mathias Kutsch.

The previous administration governed Bolivia from the year 2006 to 2019. According to an agency, family members of suspects will also be probed.

Morales backfired by expressing his concerns in his Twitter account saying that the Justice Minister have judged without a trial. Morales, along with the officials involved resigned last November 2019 after a huge protest that happened after the October elections.

Morales was accused of electoral fraud. He and some of his people ran towards Mexico and sought protection from the Mexican government. There were 10 officials who hid themselves in La Paz, which was the residence of the ambassador in Mexico.

Arturo Murillo, the interior minister, publicly announced the “international arrest warrant” against the former president. Morales, however, was under the protection of Mexico after his resignation.

According to the United television, a Mexican plane came to take Morales out of Chimore city, Bolivia. The Government in Peru stated that a government plane from Mexico stopped to refuel in Lima before taking off to Bolivia.

In La Paz and other city areas in Mexico, protesters who were against Morales created roadblocks around Murillo square. Williams Kaliman, Mexico’s commander of the Armed Forces, sent troops and policemen to go against protesters who were becomint a threat to the community. In addition, Yuri Calderón, the chief police, stated that the mission will cease until peace will be regained in Bolivia.

The policemen were in charge of keeping safe the legislative gathering of the city as they were warned by Reuters- who told them to expect a major confrontation. The chief police asked for support from the military in public television.

As expressed by a city western diplomat, the moment those government issues happened, panic and fear was instilled in people. In addition, the diplomat said that several embassies were closed as people started to work at home. According to a lawmaker, the people involved in the legislative group, who were seriously discussing about the issues of provision, evacuated with much protection from police guards.

Morales was the very first president from the Indigenous community, and the first leftist who was part of a group who ruled the politics of Latin America. After his departure, many protesters who were violently opposing him continued for weeks being powered by the accusation against him during the October election.


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