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Ex-President Of Sudan Revealed To Have Received Millions From Saudi


The authorities of Sudan have arrested the prior manager of Omar Al-Bashir, following the ex-president’s remarks in court during trial.

The ex-president claimed to have received a portion of corrupt money through his manager.

The total amount of money received by the ex-president is unknown. He admitted to receiving about twenty-five million from the Crown-Prince of Saudi, Bin Salman.

Different amounts have been seized from his home, including $351,770 US dollars, 5.7 million pounds (Sudanese pounds) and €6.9 euros, which were all illegally acquired, as claimed by the prosecutors.

The Sudanese ex-president was arrested in April for corruption charges, after 30 years of ruling Sudan.

Although he confessed to receiving the twenty-five million dollars from Prince Bin Salman, Al-Bashir has denied any accusation claiming that he used any of the money for his own benefit.

Instead, he claimed to have distributed the funds to different parties, including a university, an Islamic channel for media, the hospital for the military and the militia of the government. The militia was given a sum of 5.4 million dollars.

He was questioned by the presiding judge in his hearing as to why he did not deposit the money in the bank, to which he explained that it was imperative to hide the money’s source, as this had been requested by Prince Bin Salman. He informed the judge that the desire of the prince was to remain completely anonymous. Great lengths were taken to ensure this, including the transportation of the funds from Saudi to Sudan via the private delegates.

Al-Bashir expressed hope that his hearing is kept private, away from the public eye, and that it will in no way divert undue attention to Prince Bin Salman or mention his name in the reporting of the proceedings.

Al-Bashir’s lawyer, Attorney Al-Tahir, claimed that Al-Bashir was not accepting any of the charges made against him.

The court has refused to grant Al-Bashir his request to be released on bail.

His hearing continued on September 7th, 2019, with the presentation of witnesses on behalf of the ex-president. The lawyer expressed the entire evidence presented shows the absurdity of the charges against his client, and that Al-Bashir had no financial gain in the events.

The following hearing is scheduled to take place on September 14th, 2019.

The charges filed against Bin Salman concerning the funds so far carry a sentence of a maximum of 10 years in prison.

This is not the only trial that is awaiting the dictator. He is also charged with killing innocent people who protested against him in April, which was the beginning of the end of his dictatorship.

He has also been charged by the ICC of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in association with the conflict in Darfur in 2003.

The conflict in Darfur led to several atrocities that killed 300,000 and displaced 2.7 million people who fled the region.

The authorities in Sudan have refused to hand him over to other countries for justice.


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