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Corruption in The Navy Revealed by Gallagher’s Trial


Many are swift to judge the President of the United States, Donald Trump, for his decision to reinstate Operator Chief Gallagher from the Special Warfare department.

Former attorneys of the military and angry Pentagon officials have expressed discontent with the President’s decision.

Their discontent stems from believing Trump’s actions are morally hazardous, and may make the troops to question discipline and good order.

Gallagher’s trial displayed huge issues within the justice system of the military. These problems are like cancer, irreparably damaging the troops’ morale. The damage may take years to reverse.

There were no public outcries when Gallagher’s children were forcibly made to stand outside, in their underwear, at gunpoint by the authorities investigating Gallagher’s case. There were no public critics during the trial when it was revealed that the investigators wrongly imprisoned Gallagher in a prison for sexual offenders for 8 months.

A lot of the rage being displayed now is hollow and inadequately informed, Gallagher’s brother expressed.

There is a moral hazard in the military system that must be dealt with. Troops are sent off to war under political agendas, and further exposed to it even when they return home. It is one of the issues Trump is working to fix.

Gallagher’s trial exposed the deceit of his accusers, the inept prosecutors, the biased investigators and the deep brokenness of the military system.

For almost 2 years, lies were peddled by the Navy to media outlets accusing Gallagher of shooting a little girl and stabbing an already dying ISIS soldier to death.

The trial revealed that the Islamic state Ed was stationed in is most likely responsible for the girl’s death and that the ISIS soldier was killed by a witness from the government, who admitted to the crime himself.

Gallagher’s trial would not have occurred in the first place if the investigators were unbiased from the start. Gallagher surprised everyone by requesting for a formal investigation instead of being subjected to petty rumors spread by his subordinates. His goal was to have his name cleared once and for all so he could report back for duty.

Perhaps if the attorneys of the military and Pentagon officials had laid political agendas aside, this saga would not have occurred and Gallagher would have been spared the harassment he underwent.

Gallagher’s name was thoroughly dragged by the public – without consideration of his 20 years of sacrifice, his awards or his hard work.

At the conclusion of his case trial, no apology was given by the Navy to the Gallagher family concerning the unfair imprisonment, the raid of their home or the fees they paid for the legal battles. Instead, the prosecutors were rewarded after losing the case and awarded medals.

The clear message it is sending to Gallagher and the public is that the flaws in the system are extremely real, and everyone is disposable.

However, the flag of the United States is a reminder that even in flawed systems, the constitution is in place to protect all the citizens, as it intervened in Gallagher’s case.


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