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Maltese Government Threatened By Anti-corruption Journalist’s Murder


The Maltese Prime Minister’s closest companions are currently being investigated by the police for possible connections to Daphne Galizia’s murder.

The prime minister of Malta is Joseph Muscat. Two of his monsters as well as the chief of his staff resigned suddenly on Tuesday because of their connections to Daphne Galizia’s murder in 2017.

 Galizia was an anti-corruption investigative journalist. She died on October 2017 due to an exploded car bomb close to her house. The arrests that offered recently is drawing attention to Muscat’s closest companions and intimate circle, and how they may have played a role in Galizia’s murder.

Keith Schembri, the chief aide of the filibuster, was the first to render his resignation on Tuesday. A few hours later, the police arrested him and detained him for questioning.

He was asked to comment on statements made by a businessman from Malta who claimed Schembri co-conspired Galizia’s death.

Yorgen Fenech supplied information concerning Schembri. Fenech has been running for the office of prime minister since 2013. He was arrested when the police raided his yacht last week. It is believed that Fenech plans to trade the information on Schembri for his freedom and pardon.

Adrian Vella has been arrested too. He is Fenech’s physician, and is suspected to have been a conduit to passing Schembri messages.

48 hours are all the police has to interrogate the people they have arrested before they must be released or charged.

Schembri’s attach will increase the pressure Muscat feels, especially following the resignation of the minister of tourism, Konrad Mizzi, on Tuesday. Mizzi explained that he felt it was the appropriate action to follow at this time.

 Chris Cardona, the minister of Economy, also followed suit, explaining that his resignation is at the best interest of the nation.

Cardona and Mizzi were questioned by the police. Like Schembri, they deny any connections to the murder and wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, Muscat was greeted with loud calls of “Mafia” by lawmakers of the opposition as he went into the parliament of Malta.

When Muscat exited the parliament, he was forced into his car as furious protesters yelled accusations and cried out for justice. One of the protesters is Helene Asciak, sister of Galizia, who ran after Muscat’s car, then eventually stopped running and broke down into sobs.

The European leaders, Muscat’s political party and the politicians of the opposition are putting a lot of pressure on Muscat and requesting that he steps down. Chris Graeme, the deputy of the prime minister, has described the situation as having an almost irreparable damage to the reputation of Malta.

In 2016, Galizia unveiled documents in the news that showed Mizzi and Schembri were beneficiaries of shell companies in Panama not long after they entered office.

The news affected the 2017 elections, however Muscat and his party returned to office, winning by a landslide. Galizia did not give up her investigations to uncover corruption in the highest offices. She was murdered 5 months after the leaking of the documents.

This turmoil was further sparked after Melvin Theuma was pardoned. Theuma is the suspected culprit for the murder, however, he has been given immunity in exchange for valuable information. Some media outlets claim he has recorded audios concerning Galizia’s murder.

Galizia’s sister, Corrinne Vella, commented that the progress of the case is important and welcome, as Galizia’s death receiving justice, is not only for her death but also for her important work.


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