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Brazil’s Anti-Corruption Bill Signed by the President


A newly passed anti-crime bill of Brazil’s government has been finally signed by Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, on Wednesday, which is fully instilled with worse sanctions and penalties for illegal acts such as orchestrated or arranged crimes, gang brutality and violence, and also fraudulent corruption.

Earlier this month, the Senate of Brazil finally agreed upon the body of laws that made the bill much easier to grasp and understand in a simpler way.

During the election campaign period, Rightist and now President Jair Bolsonaro gave his assertive word to the country’s people and officials that he would certainly deal with vicious unlawful crimes as well as dishonest corruption that take place inside Brazil’s government.

Sergio Moro, Brazil’s Justice Minister, in his own words, had given a name to the proceeding of the new and improved law as a ‘developed act of the country’s government against criminals and corruption. ‘

However, as Reuters told it, this newly signed anti-corruption bill presented by Brazil’s government will not reliably provide a harsh and worse condition to greatly improve the weight of the sentence to three times compared to how it was before when an illegal act is committed by a criminal or even shown on social media.

This newly signed bill of the government of Brazil does not totally exterminate the prohibition on the accumulation of collective information, only in situations of an intended felony committed against human life, sexual harassment or crime, and sexual liberty.

This anti-corruption law ironically moves and approaches closer to the family of the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, which is now being confronted by their own queries about crime and corruption.

Brazil’s government police force lawfully broke into a lot of known addresses that are duly linked and connected to the son of President Jair Bolsonaro, Flàvio, who is a Senator in Brazil’s senate.

Centrally focused in the legal investigation is the emphasis on the police speculations that Senator Flàvio Bolsonaro is a prime suspect of fraudulent corruption because of the questionable amount of money laundered through a chocolate store, which was officially recorded with authorities named and registered under someone called, ‘Bolsotini’. This was according to The Guardian.

When the media curiously asked Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro about the truth about the suspicions against his son Flàvio, he erratically spoke out an unexpected homophobic statement against a journalist, which caused another issue to come out because of such action by the President.

Brazil’s Activist, Manuel D’Avila, bravely said in his tweet that the reason President Jair Bolsonaro is committing such unlawful acts and statements of homophobia against a reporter is to distract the people of Brazil of the true issue through his political stunt. By doing so, this will take off and divert their attention away from his son’s illegal plans of action, which is against the government and punishable by the anti-corruption bill of Brazil that the President just signed. Manuel D’Avila even added assurance that all of them, the countrymen and officials like him, will never ever forget about the crime of the President’s son.


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