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Corruption in the Holy Land


“Corruption is happening in the Vatican.” – Pope Francis

Vatican City is known as the smallest country in the world. It is solely ruled as an absolute monarchy with the Pope as its head.  He is also known as the supreme pontiff and the leader of the Catholic Church worldwide, but who would have thought that something is happening directly in front of him, without him noticing in time to prevent it? It has come to the attention of the Pope that a dirty operation is occurring right under his nose, and the perpetrators are not getting away with it.

Pope Francis honestly disclosed in the public that financial corruption is currently happening in the Vatican. He also personally stated in an interview that a thorough internal investigation about this illicit matter is in progress, to finally find out if the people involved will be proven guilty or not after the ongoing interrogation.

On Tuesday, with the Pope’s public revelation of financial corruption, His Emminence imparted his follow-up statement to the reporters that this issue is nothing but a ‘scandal’. This is the first time that Pope Francis has put his attention to acknowledge that there is really corruption taking place in the Vatican.

He even mentioned in an in-flight press conference, on the way back to the Vatican from Japan, that it is really clear that there is corruption happening, and the questioning will expose if the accused people are really guilty or not. He also emphasized that it is such an ugly thing, and corruption is not a nice thing to happen, especially in the Vatican.

Pope Francis also told the reporters that a Vatican in-depth investigation was being carried out against the corrupt felons into the reportedly illegal use of the Peter’s Pence, the pope’s charity fund. Peter’s Pence is the given name of the Holy Father to the financial aid offered by the loyal and devoted Catholics as a sign of their share in the concern of Peter’s Successor for the assistance of those in need and the various needs of the Universal Church.

The corrupted money from the charity was unreasonably used to make an impulsive purchase of a luxurious property found in central London. The pope formerly stated that paying for such kind of a deluxe property is totally not needed, which puts the financial funds of the Peter’s Pence charity to a wrong use.

The pope remarked that what happened in this issue, already happened. He pointed up as well that this was truly a scandal because the fraudulent culprits did things that do are not acceptable and truly inappropriate.

These were the initial public statement expressed by Pope Francis on the case of financial corruption in the Vatican. He voiced an emphasis that the internal investigation is showing positive results against the people involved in doing the unnecessary expensive purchase.

Pope Francis said that for the first time, the dirt is being slowly dug from the depths under the Vatican rather than from the outside.


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