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Grave Sanctions to those who engage in Graft and Corruption


Corruption has always been a major issue for every government established in this world. Various serious sanctions were given to those who were found guilty of this crime after a series of investigations and trials on the court.

People would be glad and satisfied if those who were charged and proven guilty of corruption were punished accordingly by a good justice system. On the other hand, if the punishment would be light or the verdict of the court would lead to an acquittal, many will be dismayed. Everyone wishes to have a good justice system that gives the chance for fair trials and hearings, and appropriate verdict.

This is also what the prosecutors against corruption in Spain are looking for as they hoped for a longer jail sentence to people found guilty of corruption.

Spanish anti-corruption prosecutors are seeking for a just and consequent sentences to eight persons who allegedly bribe the officials from Saudi to obtain contracts for the exportation of weapons. According to investigations, it was said that Defex, a weapon manufacturer owned by the state, paid the sum of around one hundred million dollars as a bribe to the Saudi officials in exchange to contracts.

The investigation to this case had been going on for twenty-five years and is considered as the largest corruption scandal in Spain.

Eight individuals are sought to be put behind the bars for twenty-nine years while the four corporations involved are seeking to pay millions of fines.

Defex must pay fines amounting to fifty million dollars while its president named Jose Ignacio Encinas Charro is one of the eight individuals that must be sent to jail.

The term “wine” served as the code word for bribes being paid to Swiss men by Defex representatives as revealed in the 2018 El Mundo investigation. The Swiss men served as frontmen to bring the bribes to the officials of Saudi in exchange for defence contracts.

A total of eleven contracts between Saudi Arabia and Defex were found to involve ammunition and spare parts, as reported in an investigation held by the authorities. They noticed that the payment for the bribes is to accounts in Bahamas, Panama, Liechtenstein, Delaware, Switzerland, The Virgin Islands, The Cayman Islands, The Isle of Man, and Saudi Arabia.

Fifty-one percent of Defex is owned by the Spanish state while the board of directors is consists of ministers for finance, economy, foreign affairs, and defence. This semi-public manufacturing company has been on the exportation of arms business since the year 1972.

The investigation for this corruption scandal does not end in the conclusion of its Saudi portion. There are also allegations towards a dissolved defence company about bribery of foreign partners namely Brazil, Angola, Cameroon, and Egypt.

There are lots of work and investigation to be done for the Spanish anti-corruption prosecutors. May the court give a sound decision in this case as a reward for their hard work and for justice to be properly served.


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