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Leaked Recordings Further Implicates the Former Malaysian Prime Minister


Phone calls recording released by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, (MACC) in a voice that is believed to be of the former Prime Minister Najib Razak, further implicated him in the ongoing probe on the corruption scandal. Razak is one of the prime suspects of the people who took part in the 1MDB scandal that is linked to the embezzlement of $4.5 billion. These funds were stolen from the nation’s sovereign wealth fund in a duration of about 6 years from 2009 to 2014.

During the analysis of nine recordings, the anti-commission identified one of the recordings, where Najib is talking to a female. The voice on the other end is believed to be that of Rosmah Mansor, who is Najib’s second wife. In the record, the woman is advising him on how to take care of the allegations made against him. The woman is heard calling her husband “darling” and telling him to take charge of the government and the allegations towards him since he is the prime minister.

In another recording, the prime minister is heard requesting Crown Prince of the UAE to assist him in covering up for the cash he had stolen from the country. He asked him to forge a loan to his stepson Aziz Riza. The loan was to be forged in relation to a petroleum investment company for the amount of money he liquidated from the scandal.

The MACC head informed the state that the recordings are from an anonymous source. He further stated that the evidence confirms the occurrence of a high level of corruption in Malaysia and how the former Prime minister acted to distance himself from the corruption allegations.

The release of the recordings shocked Najib, and he stated that he will take legal action as a breach of his privacy during his tenure as the Prime Minister. In a press release, Najib terming this disclosure as an unwarranted act that breached the official secret act of 1972. The former prime minister further stated that the release of the recording is as an act of withering the rule of law.

On their defense, the MACC stated that it was in the interest of the public to have the disclosure of the information relating to the loss of public funds. Koya argued that the content of the recordings shows an attempt to cover-up that amounts by a person who was in a powerful position. According to MACC, the public has the right to know what happened to the funds and who took them.

Reuters report indicated that Najib referred to as “Malaysian Official 1” in United States Lawsuit, resigned due to links to the $1 Billion 1MDB fund. The report shows that some of the embezzled funds were used to buy jewelry for his wife. Najib’s wife has also been taken to court over the allegations of money laundering and bribery in this scandal.

Some of the money was used to buy Yacht, diamond, and movie rights for a movie titled “Daddy’s Home”. Najib ceased to be the prime minister when he lost the 2018 election. Najib has been prosecuted on 42 criminal charges linked to corruption. He has asserted his innocence and that he found money wired to his personal account; but, he never made any inquiry even after noticing the change in the account balance.         


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