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Anti-Corruption Authorities Arrest 226 Individuals in Saudi Arabia, Seizing SR1.2 Billion


Saudi Arabia’s continuous fight against widespread corruption hit a huge milestone today. The anti-corruption authorities have successfully arrested numerous corrupt individuals, recovering around SR1.2 Billion.

Saudi Arabia’s Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (also known as Nazaha) is responsible for handling these cases. One of the latest corruption cases handled by the Nazaha is of a Saudi municipal director of quality management. This individual, alongside his brothers, accepted around SR23 million or $63 million worth of bribes.

Nazaha has dealt with 158 corruption cases recently, they’ve also made 226 arrests in these cases. The Nazaha has recovered SR1.2 billion and has returned the money to the country’s treasury. Recently, the organization has uncovered one of the largest corruption cases ever, in the Ministry of Defense.

The Nazaha began their investigation within the Ministry of Defense by looking into 48 parties. These parties consist of 3 government employees, 8 contracted employees, 18 businessmen, and 19 employees in the Ministry of Defense. Another arrest made by the organization was an employee of the Ministry of Finance. This individual accepted a bribe of SR100,000 to overlook any financial irregularities for an SR23 million project.

There were also arrests made in the Ministry of National Guard. A major general and three employees were arrested to accept bribes of up to SR8 million and more. The Nazaha is determined to seek and root out these corrupt individuals and bring them to justice while also returning all the bribed money back into the right hands.

The organization pledges to bring justice to those abusing their position of power in public offices just for their personal gain. Everyone is subject to this justice, including retirees. The Nazaha believes that administrative and financial corruption has no limitations, anyone can be bribed.

Nazaha’s spokesman, Ahmed Al-Hussein, told Al-Ekhbariya TV that the leadership of Saudi Arabia has a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to corruption at all levels of society. They believe that justice against corruption applies to everyone, no matter what their social status or rank is.

He added that all forms of corruption, from petty to huge, will be brought to justice. Whether it’s money laundering, bribery, forgery, embezzlement, stealing and using company funds for personal use, and squandering public funds will all be brought to light.

The Nazaha is determined and focused on monitoring and investigating every case where a government employee is suspected to be involved in corruption or exploitation of public work.  The organization will make sure that suspects will be investigated and only the guilty individuals are brought into court, where the appropriate sentence is handed out. The organization is adamant on the belief that no one is above the law. The law and justice will be upheld whether the guilty individual is a businessman, police officer, or any other position of power in any sector of the government. Nazaha is working swiftly and diligently to ensure that the country will become clean of corruption in every sector.


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