Corruption is one of the most hated vices in the world today by many citizens, especially among government officials.  Marwan Barghouti’s son threatened to expose all the corrupt officials within the Fatah and all the government agencies of corruption. His father is a Member of Parliament in Palestine and among the senior people in Fatah.

In a letter addressed to his father, Qassam Barghouti, which was published on Facebook on 20th November, indicated that he would expose all the corrupt traitors in the Palestinian government. He indicated that they had prevented his father from being released from jail in Israel.  He also pointed out that the same corrupt fellows had been involved in the arrest of many Palestinians and assisted in preventing a hunger strike in an Israel jail led by his father in 2017.

Medical corruption and bribery in Palestine Medical corruption and bribery in Palestine. Doctor with handcuffs and with money on national flag background. Adult Stock Photo

Rai-Al- Youm, the UAE newspaper which revealed the story also pointed out that Marwan Barghouti was involved in a dispute between the leaders in Fatah, the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the Palestine Liberal Organization (PLO). Barghouti was accusing Fatah Mahmoud Abbas of slowing down his release during an agreed swap deal between Israel and the resistance in Palestine in 2011 which was to take place in Gaza.

Marwan has been in Israeli custody for 19 years. Israeli journalist Yoni-Ben Menachem, who revealed to the UAE newspaper the story, indicated some letters leaked to the press. Marwan Barghouti’s letters indicated that he was criticizing the way Arab countries were okay with Israel being an independent state. He also criticized the PA’s resumption of security operations with Israel, which was initially rejected by other Arab nations.

The Israel journalist also indicated that Marwan had been empowering some of his supporters in Fatah and was working in the Western Bank for a power struggle within their ranks to see who would take over Abbas’s succession, who is the head of Fatah. What is strange is that close sources to Marwan indicate that he would run for the presidency in Palestine once he is released from jail in Israel and when Palestinians are allowed to vote in new leaders.

Ben Menachem indicates that countries such as Israel, Egypt, and the United States of America prevented his prison release in 2011. They did it because they believed that he had so much influence and power within Palestine. Hussein Al-Sheikh, a senior official within Fatah, warned the secret police in Israel not to release Marwan Barghouti. The head of PA’s Intelligence service, Majed Faraj, warned the CIA that once Marwan is released from prison, he would disrupt peace in the region by inciting violence and stopping the cooperation by Israel in security matters.

It’s alleged that Abbas downplayed Marwan’s hunger strike within the prison so that the other Palestinian prisoners could hate him. Due to his outrageous remarks, Marwan was completely banned from vying for any public office in Palestine. Israel is still hesitant in releasing him despite protests erupting in Palestine. The Israel journalist concluded by indicating that if Abbas does resign and elections are held, Marwan would win as he is popular among other Fatah leaders.


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