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India is Number One in Asia When It Comes to Bribery Rates; A Survey Report Reveals


A recent survey in India has found that the population is generally unhappy with the state of corruption in the country. 63% believe that the current government is doing a great job at tackling the corruption problem while 47% of people surveyed believe that corruption has increased in the past 12 months.

This is a very glaring issue and shows that the population is divided about the topic. On top of this, India tops in the Asian region as the country with the highest bribery rate, sitting at 39%. The country also has the highest rate of people who use their personal connections to gain access to public services, sitting at 46%.

These numbers were released in a recent survey conducted by Transparency International, a global, non-government organization whose goal is to get rid of corruption across the globe. 50% of those who paid bribes reported to have been asked to while 32% of people who used connections to access public services don’t receive it.

The survey also found that corruption during the elections was also very prevalent. It states that 1 in 7 people was offered bribes in exchange for their votes at all stages of the government from national, regional, to local elections. India came fourth in the highest vote-buying rates at 18%.

A new data was also highlighted by the survey, sextortion. Sextortion is the abuse of power to gain sexual benefits in exchange for access to public services such as proper health care. India’s sextortion rate is 11%, with Indonesia at the top with 18%.

Big-ticket corruption is where India’s focus is concentrated. Most of the time, low-level corruption such as bribery inside government offices is overlooked and ignored. The unfortunate truth is that the common people are a lot more affected by these types of corruption which are very widespread.

The survey reported that 42% of people had paid bribes when they encountered the police. 41% of the population also made bribes to receive official documents.

Bribery and corruption is a huge issue in India that affects the common people the most. There are plenty of reasons why corruption runs rampant. These include, but not limited to, slow bureaucratic processes, unclear regulations, and unnecessary red tapes that push the citizens to find alternative means to access public services which then leads to bribes and corruption.

However, people across the Asian region are hopeful about the future of anti-corruption measures and organizations. 62% of people believe that ordinary citizens can have a huge impact in the fight against government corruption.

Even so, around 54% of people still fear that they may face retaliation if they report any corruption activities. 63% of Indians are still concerned about facing punishments for reporting. Governments should ensure that any corruption activities are criminalized fairly and consistently. Investigations should be swiftly held when reports of corruption are provided. Furthermore, their citizens should have easy access to anonymous and safe reporting methods to ease the fear of possible retaliation. Governments should actively encourage their citizens to report corruption and make them feel safer.


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