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NewsBlaze Launches Series that Exposes Alleged Worldwide Government Corruption


NewsBlaze, one of Mexico’s highly reputable broadcasting outlets, has recently announced its release of a series that exposes alleged corruption among government officials worldwide. The pandemic has made a difficult impact on the many lives of citizens, as well as the cause of the economy’s recent downward spiral, which positions government officials around the world on a grander spotlight eyed by the masses as they are expected to act upon the problems that arose during these trying times.

As public servants, they are expected and tasked to uphold ethical standards of the highest regard. Unfortunately, this is not always the case for all public officials as NewsBlaze exposes different big names in the business that allegedly play a huge role on corruption and public deception.

The series kicks off with NewsBlaze highlighting an alleged corruption that circles around David Monreal Avila. In NewsBlaze’s part one of the expose series, the General Coordinator of Cattle Raising of Mexico is involved in a failing government program that was initially designed to help out poor farmers and their families.

The core goal of the program was for the government to provide the farmers loans to purchase and sell livestock, eventually helping grantees of the program earn more income from their new-found livelihood. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, the government program was met with criticism and complaints revolving around the exchange of sick animals and gross negligence of funding.

This controversial series by NewsBlaze will be a platform for the media to inform and educate the public on corruption involving government officials and to make it known to the public that those in power must hold accountability of their failures in providing better opportunities and aid to its people.

It is a developing necessity that these kinds of issues concerning government officials are brought to the public eye, most especially during the difficult state of today’s economy.

This initiative from NewsBlaze brought forth an important message to all journalists and trusted government organizations which is to look into allegations, identify, and call out possible corruption around the corners of the globe. It is even more important to consistently look into such issues on corruption right now as ordinary citizens continue to live through a worldwide pandemic.

As proof of unwavering dedication to its readers, it aims to invest in significant resources to help them in reporting corruption that has been tolerated or covered at the cost of innocent families.

According to Alan Gray, CEO of NewsBlaze, governments around the world are appointed to become public servants and are to serve the general public. However, in some cases, these people have become self-serving instead. These people could be driven by power, money, and other reasons which would eventually provide a lead for investigators to look into. NewsBlaze’s goal is to serve the public.

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The broadcasting outlet was founded in 2004. Currently, NewsBlaze covers different topics to its readers, local and international. Its following has reached a global scale, especially in Australia, North America, and Europe.

Media contact: Alan Gray, media@newsblaze.com, +1 775 241 8446

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