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PACC Commissioner Belgica Ridiculed by Solons for Corruption Claims


The president of the anti-corruption commission (PACC), Commissioner Greco Belgica, was criticized for accusing a new congressman of involvement in unusual activities without proof or names to support his allegations for the second time.

 Greco Belgica was then challenged to name the 12 congressmen who were involved in the corruption case involving public works projects by Defensor Mike, an Anakalusugan representative. Belgica got a similar challenge from Ako Bicol party-list representative, claiming that his implications are undemocratic.

Belgica stood firm with his allegations that 12 officeholders received bribes amounting to 15% of the public works contracts in a radio interview, but he refused to mention their identities. He denied any claims of him being involved in the inspection of any of the officeholders, saying that there is a need for an executive order.

The chairman of the house committee on public accounts, Defensor, complained that it was Belgica’s second time in a month to come up with such claims without mentioning names and without evidence to use against the incumbents in court. The Defensor asked him to shut up if he had no enough evidence to back up his claims, and if he had, he should sue the lawmakers.

Garbin went ahead to say that there must be proof to implicate the 12 lawmakers and called out the PACC to make the issue at hand known to the public, or else it would cause a stir in the eligibility of the integrity of congress.

The solons were then said to have been the root behind several illegal deals in the public works projects by a PACC official. Belgica’s claims were then proclaimed to be unfair by the chairman of the house committee of appropriations.

Duterte, the president of the Philippines, received names of the individuals, and it was said that the number was less than 12. The exact number was not mentioned. Witnesses came forward with one claiming continuous funding of a bridge project, a ghost project, and another was being asked for bribes. A lawmaker was asking for 10% if funding came from the congressman and 5% if it came from other sources.

The names of the lawmakers were said to be forwarded for further investigation. Belgica went on to say that they need to be pinned down with sufficient evidence.

He said that there were incidents of bullying and threatening of engineers and contractors by the lawmakers for commissions, and this practice has increased the number of corruption cases in the country. Belgica went on to say that there are chosen contractors who are housed by the contractors that run small gangs, and a leader was chosen amidst themselves.

With a syndicate among contractors, each contractor would benefit whether they won the project or not. For losers of a project, ‘Sweldo’ meaning salary would be given by the winning contractor.

Belgica’s ignorance to name the lawmakers was so that it could not interfere with the corrupt individuals’ investigation. Although Belgica’s claims are somehow true, he said that not all lawmakers were corrupt.


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