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Terrorists and Criminals are Spreading Covid-19 Conspiracies


The United Nations, through a report released earlier in November, indicated that terrorist organizations and criminals were spreading false information concerning Covid-19. They were doing it to mislead the people into trusting the government on how they were dealing with the pandemic, and in the process allowing them to gain many followers.

In the report released, the United Nations said that the terrorist organizations and extremists were using social media to spread false information on the disease’s origins. The conspiracy theories trace the origin of Covid-19 to various governments through biological warfare, religious and ethnic communities, and various business people.

The false narrative being propagated in social media is that various business people are trying to depopulate the world. At the same time, they push their secret plans on how the world should be. The theories also indicate that they also plan to govern the world and control all the financial institutions worldwide by selling vaccines and drugs to treat Covid-19.

With different organizations pushing their conspiracy theories, they seem to agree on the government’s same thing. The terrorist and criminal organizations blame the government for allowing foreign powers to take matters into their own hands when influencing the average citizen and taking all their power and rights away.

The United Nations also indicate that criminal organizations are planning to influence citizens to distrust the government. In some extreme cases, some terrorist organizations are using Telegram to spread their false information and encourage their supporters to spread the disease to the Jews and other minority groups worldwide.

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The report indicated that terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State in Iraq, the Levant (ISIL), and Al-Qaeda are known for spreading false information in the Middle East despite being known for their brutal killings. Drug cartels in Mexico, such as the Gulf cartel and Cosa Nostra in Italy, are known for their misuse of social media in spreading false information.

It’s known that some criminal organizations such as the Italian mafia are known to criticize the government. They spread false information concerning the imperfect ways the government handles the Covid-19 pandemic using social media while at the same time trying to appease the people that they are the best alternative to the government.

In the U.N report, various criminal and terrorist organizations are known to hijack the government and build connections within the local community members by providing essential services such as food and water. They are also known to discourage people from criticizing them through violence and intimidation falsely.

The report also indicated that through the Covid-19 pandemic, many extremist groups had taken advantage of the situation and tried to diminish the government’s efforts in dealing with the pandemic. The action could lead to the toppling of various governments worldwide.

Their main reason is not to protect the people but to safeguard their criminal activities. The U.N report also indicated that many criminal organizations would continue to profit from the disaster which could lead to violence with various government agencies.


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