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Mexico Officials Warn Citizens of Fake COVID-19 Vaccines


As COVID-19 vaccines are being produced at a record pace, the criminal underworld isn’t just standing by and watching all of this unfold. They have started their operations on capitalizing on this pandemic and try to make plenty of money.

Over the weekend, Mexican authorities have alerted the entire country of unauthorized COVID-19 vaccines being sold and advertised all over the Internet. They state that citizens should be cautious of any vaccine being offered outside official health institutions. These vaccines are dubious in origin and are most likely harmful to your health.

Local health secretaries reported receiving reports on illicit Moderna TX vaccine being sold and advertised on various social media platforms. This comes from the statement on Saturday by the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks.

The Mexican Government has only approved the Oxford-AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines for mass public vaccination. They haven’t approved the use of Moderna, so if you see it on sale online, make sure to report them to the right authorities.

Officials have also not approved private companies and organizations to buy and distribute vaccines. Authorities urge the public to report any illicit sales and distribution of the vaccines.

A representative of Mexico’s Health Office states, “All COVID-19 vaccines found being sold or advertised on various online sites, social media networks, hospitals, pharmacies, and other sellers in Mexico are considered a health risk.” Because the COVID-19 vaccines are supposed to be free for the general public and supplied by authorized providers. Anyone selling COVID-19 vaccines is automatically suspicious and should be reported immediately.

Raul Sapien Santos, a member of Mexico’s National Private Security Council, has warned the general public that various criminal organizations have already started advertising fake vaccination campaigns online. These criminal organizations have procured fake vaccines and intend to exploit the desperation and anxiety of the population.

Santos reported to a news agency that the NPSC has found more than 400 fake websites that sell and advertise COVID-19 vaccines. In addition to the vaccine, Santos reports that these fake websites also sell other medical equipment. These include masks, oxygen tanks, and even rapid COVID-19 testing. Interpol has issued a global alert to all law enforcement last December. This is to warn of potential illegal advertisement and sales of COVID-19 and other flu vaccines.

Jurgen Stock, the Secretary-General of Interpol stated that “These criminal organizations will be targeting unsuspecting and gullible members of the general public by using fake websites. This can pose a significant health risk to the lives of millions.”

Interpol has also reported having found a huge rise in COVID-19 related fraud since the start of the pandemic. In 2020, Interpol’s Cyber Security Unit has found and revealed that out of 3,000 websites that are relevant to online pharmacies, 1,700 of these websites selling illicit medical devices and medicine contain potential cyber threats. The general public is highly recommended to inform each of their family and friends about these cyber threats.

We highly recommend being cautious when surfing the web during these times of trying.


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