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Welcome to Free of Corruption, a site that specializes in unearthing the corruptions that often hide beneath guises of ‘business’ and ‘routine’ throughout our daily lives. News today has become a mass collection of confusing and convoluted voices which makes it difficult to determine what issues are important to confront head-on. That is why we are here: to create a collection of news articles which confront issues of money laundering, bribery, and other forms of bureaucratic greed that plague our society. We work to provide information on these facets of corruption and unfairness in a simple and straightforward manner that helps the public notice the injustices in our world today. We hope that, with this information, people all over the world can create more informed choices about the businesses that they choose to work with or buy from. Free of Corruption consists of a group of concerned citizens, journalists, and avid writers who are dedicated to providing news articles that tackle issues in our world today with open perspectives and eloquent words. We hope that you enjoy the content you find on our website, and continue to read with the goal of seeing the societal structures that surround you with a keen eye and open mindset. If there are any particular questions you contain about the website or issues that you would like us to tackle, contact us today! We always welcome and encourage the opinions of others.